Parliament building

Visit Budapest’s neo-Gothic Parliament building

Budapest’s neo-Gothic Parliament building dominates the curve of the Danube and is a true postcard superstar. It houses the Holy Crown (used to crown the country’s monarchs since the 12th century), as well as other royal jewels.

Not too far from Parliament, you’ll find one of the city’s most moving memorials – the Shoes on the Danube. The poignant monument honors the victims of the Holocaust who were marched to the riverbank on a dark winter’s day and ordered to remove their shoes before being shot and falling into the fast-flowing river beneath.

Planning tip: English guided tours are available, but it’s best to book ahead.

You can sight see the Parliament Building for free!

thermal baths

Soak at one of the city’s incredible thermal spas

Budapest sits on a patchwork of thermal springs – mineral-rich water spouts from the ground – hence the abundance of thermal spas, many dating back to Turkish times. These waters are said to be capable of curing just about anything, and soaking in a thermal pool is a top Budapest experience.

The world-famous Széchenyi Baths is the biggest spa complex in Europe, and while the location is certainly a “tourist trap,” its majestic architectural elements and outside pools still make it an unmissable place to visit. Other spas dotted throughout Budapest also hold special amenities, such as a rooftop hot tub at Rudas Baths.

The baths are only 33 euros for a full day! A cheap way to relax and enjoy!

By: Maddie Covert and Delaney Beach


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