Parliament building
Visit Budapest's neo-Gothic Parliament building Budapest’s neo-Gothic Parliament building dominates the curve of the Danube and is a true postcard superstar. It houses the Holy Crown (used to crown the country’s monarchs since the 12th century), as well as other royal jewels. Not too far from Parliament, you’ll find one of the city’s most moving memorials – the Shoes on the Danube. The poignant...
A Museum to See: The Trajan's Market
A Museum to See: Rome Architecture museum! I'm a student at the American University in Rome. I'm very interested in sharing my thoughts on various museums I've visited, most recently the Trajan's Market Museum. The museum is perfect for someone that loves Rome and its history, the architecture of roman buildings, whether it's learning for pleasure or work. You'll learn...
While visiting Rome, there are endless opportunities and activities that you can do. Rome is quite large, and can be a little bit stressful to cram activities and sites into a few short days. The list below are the five most uncrowded things to do in Rome that you must NOT skip on while you are here. 1. Trastevere This is...
View River Tiber and Castel Sant'Angelo
  Best Cities to Go to in Europe for the Weekend - Rome Rome is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the world, often coined “The Eternal City.” The city has temperate weather throughout the school season; winters are mild, spring and fall are pristine. The city isn’t merely a relic, it’s infused with intoxicating Italian...


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