The Beauty of Rome

Breathtaking. Enchanting. Romantic. Timeless. No words can describe this beautiful historical metropolis. After reading this guide, I want you to understand how perfect Rome is as a destination for your next vacation, whether it is long-term studying abroad or a weekend visit. As a study abroad student in Rome, I can easily say that Rome will forever be my favorite city to live and visit. My goal as a study abroad student in Rome is to convince you on how you can fall in love with the city of Rome and plan out the perfect short- or long-term visit. Throughout this guide, I will explain the best sites to visit in Rome, how to plan your trip while on a stricter budget, what the best and easiest ways to travel, and how to enjoy the best city in the world.


The Benefits of this Guide

Why waste your time reading this? That’s definitely a question that has already popped in your heads. Anyone can easily plan their short-term visit to Rome, but why put in the effort. I’ll be providing the best and cheapest ways to see the entire city of Rome while only visiting during a short period of time. Students only have so much time, energy, and money to be able to travel around a new city. This guide will help students be able to see the beautiful city of Rome without worrying about planning and researching before they even arrive.


The Roma Pass for students

The best way to see Rome in a short period of time while on a budget is through the Zetema Student Roma Pass. Students can take advantage of the Roma Pass offered through Zetema, and can get discounted to various attractions and museums and access to all public transportation. This pass will save students money on travel costs and admission fees. As a student on a tight budget and schedule, the Roma Student Pass gives access to the entire city right at your fingertips.

The Benefits of the Roma Pass

The Roma Pass offers an experience of a lifetime: see Rome in a short visit. This pass provides the experience of being in Rome without having to plan in advance. Let’s say a student arrives on a Friday and wants to see the Colosseum the next day. The Student Pass is the ticket to get into the Colosseum, which provides the admission. The mode of transportation could either be via Metro, Bus, or walk which the student will have access to as well. Students won’t need to plan in advance, therefore the Roma Student pass gives students everything they could possibly need before arriving.

Plan your Trip to the Eternal City

The Roma Pass offers many ieas to plan your visit to Rome. And admission to museums and archeological sites and access to public transportation is included. Travelling can be time consuming especially when researching where you want to go and what you want to see and do, or when you can buy bus tickets. The Roma Pass gives you a value-based price, with an experience you will never forget. The Eternal City will turn into your favorite place in the world to visit, all within your short-term time here!


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