Trajan’s market is a beautiful museum that displays roman history. Throughout the museum, there are many artifacts such as ancient statues and archeological objects. Pictured above are brick stamps from Trajan’s Market. The brick stamps tell the story of this structure’s construction.

The sign states “Under the reign of the emperor Domitian (A.D. 81-96), work began with the removal of the saddle of the Quirinal, and a new sewer system was installed beneath the Via Biberatica. Interestingly, the first structures to be built (in the lower part of the complex) date between the end of Domitian’s reign and the first years of that of Trajan (A.D. 98-117). Bricks with the stamps of different workshops of the Trajanic period were subsequently deployed indiscriminately on all of the walls of the markets. Roughly a century later, brick stamps of the Severan period (A.D. 193-235) appear in restorations. Then the complex continued to be used even after the fall of the Roman Empire: one of the roof tiles carries a brick stamp of Theodoric (late 5th – early 6th century A.D.) displaying a Christogram (ex: the monogram consisting of the Greek letters chi-rho).”

Overall this exhibit has a very detailed description to assist the understanding of the artifacts. This is just one of the amazing exhibits at Tragan’s Market. To see more interesting objects and artifacts you should take a visit to Tragan’s Market yourself!

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By: Maddie Covert


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