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I’m a student at the American University in Rome. I’m very interested in sharing my thoughts on various museums I’ve visited, most recently the Trajan’s Market Museum. The museum is perfect for someone that loves Rome and its history, the architecture of roman buildings, whether it’s learning for pleasure or work. You’ll learn about it when you visit! It is a large complex of Roman ruins located on the opposite end of the Colosseum. Fun fact: it used to be a shopping mall.  It was built during the first decade of the 2nd century. My professor advised me to purchase a MIC card, which grants access to multiple museums.

Archaeological area: 

There are five monumental complexes built into “imperical forms”. Its politics has a big place based on its religious, political and administrative replacement. The five names consist of the forum of Caesar, Augustus, the temple of peace, the Forum of Nerva or Transitorio, and the Forum of Trajan as built in different areas of time. Each temple holding its own kind of power and place into their society. 

Graphic reconstruction of the Forum of Caesar in the Trajan period
The Forum of Caesar
Graphic reconstruction of the Forum of Augustus
The Forum of Augustus




Graphic reconstruction of the Templum Pacis
The Templum Peace
Graphic reconstruction of the Forum of Nerva
The Forum of Nerva
Graphic reconstruction of Trajan's Forum
The Trajan’s Forum

Although the building doesn’t look like these now. They have salvage fragments of the the building and made it into what is now a museum. Take a look at this..

Inside the museum:

This picture was taken at the museum. A picture of a sculpture that is a shape of a body but the“from the original piece displayed in the Museo Arqueológico y Antropológico of Cordoba (Spain), coming from the Tienda collection

Museum of Trajan's Market Bigger fragment
Resin, FA 2492, and Gift from the Municipality of cordoba

Resin, FA 2492, and Gift from the Municipality of cordoba
Another showing of a fragment of a photo and the text states that it is “fragment of male statue rather than real (back of right foot with shoe mulleus!”

From the bottom of the niche of the porticoes exedra in the Forum of Augustus

A fragment of a sculpture
Augustus Age, 2 B.C. Luna Marble FA 3203 A

Augustus Age, 2 B.C. Luna Marble FA 3203 A
While this is only a sliver of what is in store at this museum. It contains much more history than this. including an area outside to see and more levels of the remains of this building. For more information click here.

 Daniela Spino


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