A trip to Trajan’s Market

Do you like history and do you like museums? If so, Trajan’s Market, located in Rome is the destination for you. Rome has more history than other places in the world and if you want to see how it all started, visit the Trajan’s Market.

What is Trajan’s Market?

Trajan’s Market is an area that makes up the Roman period and houses the imperial forums. It was built in 110 AD and was the hub for trade and administration, and was said to be the first mall. Today it is a historical site which showcases the architecture used by Roman.

How to Access Trajan’s Market as a Study Abroad Student?

In order to get into the museum there is an admission fee. However, if you are a student or resident, a MIC card is available for purchase. A MIC card is 5 euro and allows admissions into 25 museums around the city.

Tourists can also gain admissions, a general admissions ticket is 14.50 euro. With that, if you are studying abroad in Italy, a MIC card will be worthwhile!

What will you See?

Within the walls of Trajan’s Market, you will see incredible architecture, and different types of material that makes up the architecture. To start, there is stone that has come from Egypt, North Africa, and Greece. Additionally, you will find brick and concrete throughout the different parts of the complex. Not only that, but a traditional Roman building is made out of Tufa, which is a volcanic rock that was easily accessible by Romans. Because of the accessibility, Romans used it for buildings, including parts of the Trajan’s Market. However, tufa is an incredibly ugly rock, so Romans painted over the tufa with white marble.

Beyond the walls of the Market, you will find pieces of ancient roman buildings and statues from the Emperor Trajan. These pieces were preserved to show what some of the Market looked like during the time. Some of the pieces include pottery, statues, and an elephant tusk.

Elephant Tusk From Within the Museum
Elephant Tusk from within the museum- Photo by Isabella Demay


What is Beyond the Museum?

Steps outside of the architecture, you will find an incredible terrace that overlooks the entire museum, and the Forum. The terrace lets you see the museum from a different perspective and allows you to understand the magnitude of Trajan’s Market.

Trajan's Market at Night
Terrace from the Trajan’s Market
Why Visit?

Trajan’s Market provides incredible history and understanding of the Emperor Trajan. If you are interested in learning more, Trajan’s Market is a place you should definitely visit during your time in Rome.

Visting Hours:

Address: Via Quattro Novembre, 94, 00187 Roma RM

Hours: Everyday from 9:30 – 19:30

Website: https://www.mercatiditraiano.it/ 


+39 055 5321180


By: Isabella Demay


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