Museum of Traiano

Great Experience at a Low Cost

This past week I visited the Museum of Traiano with one of my classes as an education abroad student in Rome. It was a wonderful experience and wasn’t a big cost for a student on a budget! Our professor advised us to purchase something called the MIC Card.

The card only cost 6 euros and can be easily purchased online. Along with access to this museum it also provides access to 17 other museums in Rome as well! The MIC card also provides access to 25 archaeological and historical sites in Rome. I definitely recommend it.

What will you get to see?

Shockingly, the museum is still standing after 2,000 years. It is often said to be a mall but it was actually used to store, files, scrolls, and things of that nature. I suggest visiting this museum with a group. It made the experience much easier and enjoyable, but it is not a necessity. My class got a tour guide and he was so kind and informative. His name was Carlos, if you want to ask for him!

He first brought us through the inside section of the museum where there were ancient bricks, statues, and architecture. Carlos then explained the architecture in detail as well as how and where the Romans located their materials.

After that he explained that the Romans were using materials that were not found far away from them. They mixed some material with sand in order to make a whole new stone. The Romans then covered this stone with tiles and bricks. The Roman architects were lucky to have all of these resources around them.

Rome Architecture Museum of Traiano Ancient Museum to See on Your Education Abroad
Roman Architecture in Museum of Traiano

After this Carlos led us to the outside later on in the tour and it was my absolute favorite part! We saw the medieval castle lit up at night. The castle was originally built in the mid 1400s and interestingly it is actually empty and is used as a symbol. After this we saw the ruins which were amazing!

Rome Medieval Castle Museum of Traiano Ancient Museum to See on Your Education Abroad
Roman Medieval Castle Museum of Traiano

Is it Instagram worthy?

As much as we all may be ashamed to admit it, as study abroad students when considering whether or not to pay for something we ask ourselves if it is photo worthy.

This place is definitely worth the photo opportunity! You see such beautiful and interesting architecture, statues, and views of the ruins. The ruins are definitely the most “Instagram worthy” part of the experience if you ask me.

There are also other beautiful buildings and sites not too far away. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon are all only a 10 minute walk way! All of which are definitely Instagram worthy and worth a photo of! If you’re going to all of those spots theres always room for one more, and this place is worth it!

Is there food around?

Here’s a list of restaurants within walking distance from the museum! As an education abroad student it’s important to know of some good places to eat when traveling!

  • Pizza della Madonna
  • La Prezzemolina
  • Iari The Vino
  • Piccolo Buco
  • II Girasole
  • Crepes Galettes
  • Antico Caffe del Brasile

More information: Trajan Market 

By: Summer Megnia


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