Thanks to the new Student RomaPass, students are now experiencing Rome in an entirely new light. Student RomaPass is an online pass that takes you all around the city. The pass contains museum tickets, transportation, and participating restaurants– stored all on your phone!

Students from all over are taking advantage of this pass, including Emily Smith from Ithaca, New York.

“This pass is so incredibly convenient,” Smith said. “All I have to do is fill out a short survey on what I want to see and RomaPass does the rest for me. I usually get stressed when I plan out trips, but not now. I was able to see Trevi Fountain, The Colosseum, and have easy transportation from place to place in 72 hours, all through one platform.”

With the app, students can make personalized trips so they can take full advantage of the time that they are in Rome.

“There is even a map on the app that tells me exactly where to go,” Smith said. “My trip was absolutely perfect.”

Along with the accessible map, RomaPass is now partnering with Atac–the Rome metro system, but also Lime bikes and scooters, allowing students to see Rome however they would like.

Student RomaPass understands that students are traveling on a budget and have partnered with museums and transportation companies to make it easier for you.

Study Abroad Colleges in Rome, including CEA, have taken interest in this pass.

“We want our students to take advantage of their time abroad,” CEA said. “Student RomaPass makes it so easy and affordable to do so. Our students come back with smiles on their faces.”

Student RomaPass currently has a chance to win a $100 voucher with RyanAir through a simple survey.

Student RomaPass is easily downloaded through the apple store or visited through the website below.

“Create Your Journey with RomaPass”

By: Katherine Krom


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