Stunning Views & Towns

Lake Como is home to some of the most stunning lake and mountain views. This lake is surrounded by mountains and has a various unique quaint towns surrounding the lake. Each town has a different perspective of the lake and fun things to do.  I personally spent time in Bellagio How to Experience the Beauty of Lake Como. There were numerous shops and excellent restaurants in the area. I also saw Verenna, which is another small town along the lake. This town has various colourful and fun buildings to look at. Each town has its own charm and beautiful views of the lake.

Colorful town of Varenna on Lake Como
Varenna, Italy

Rent a Boat

As a study abroad student traveling on a budget, I assumed it would cost a fortune to rent a boat on Lake Como. However, you can rent a boat for 2-3 hours very affordably. I would highly recommend looking into this because not only is it a fun experience, but you are able to see more towns and views from the lake. Renting a boat is an easy way to have fun, enjoy the weather, and get amazing views of the unique towns and villas.

This is a picture of the mountains and lake. I just think it is a beautiful view from the water.
View from boat: Lake Como

View Famous

Lake Como is home to a lot of wealth. There are numerous unique, beautiful, and famous villas you can go see or view along on the lake. Villa Balbianello is a popular one to visit. They filmed some scenes in Star Wars at this stunning Villa. Another popular villa to view is George Clooney’s Villa also located in the gorgeous area near Villa Balbianello. These two villas are definitely big tourist attractions and have stunning views and architecture. Overall the lake is surrounded by beautiful villas that are fun to see.

Villa del Balbianello
This is an image of Villa Balbianello. This is the famous Villa where Star Wars was filmed and is a huge tourist attraction.


If you love being outside, lake, mountains, villas, and beautiful scenery, Lake Como is the place for you. If you are studying abroad, I would highly recommend this destination. There are various affordable places to stay and renting a boat was one of my favorite experiences since being in Europe!

Curated by: Delaney Beach


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