In search of a 3 day Gradara Itinerary? Gradarais a town on the Northeast coast of Italy. With historic sights, incredible food, and beautiful views, Gradara is not a region you want to miss. You could spend weeks in the town of Gradara, but if you only have 3 days…where do you start? Continue reading to find out how to plan a 3 day Gradara Itinerary.

Day 1

Start your day with the most iconic highlight of Gradara-the castle. The Gradara castle is one of the most famous locations in the town and is not one to be missed. The castle is filled with rich and impressive history. And a bonus-you can get incredible views of the town from an elevated viewpoint.

A walk around the old town is also a must-do for your first day in Gradara. There are tons of local shops to wander through and great restaurants to try as well. The old town is quite amazing, and you can spend hours getting lost in the charmGradara Old Town

Day 2Gradara Villa

If it is a nice day out, take advantage of the nature and scenery Gradara has to offer. Spend your morning taking a hike through the town, enjoying the countryside views. This would also be the perfect day to spend some time at the beach. There are many different beaches to enjoy in this town, and you can’t go wrong with any of them! Make sure you end your day with a meal full of delicious local food, such as Tagliolini Con La Bomba, and of course, wine!

Day 3

For your third and final day in Gradara, I would recommend a wine tour. There are many different tours to choose from and they are all incredible. A wine tour will allow you to visit the local wineries and you will also learn about the production in this area of the country. Make sure you try the Sangiovese wine-trust me!

I would also recommend finding a time for Museo Storico. Museo Storico is a network of dungeons and caves that runs under the village. Nobody quite knows the real origin of Museo Storico, but it is very cool to go through. 

3 days in Gradara will give you all the best highlights that the town has to offer. Overall, you cannot go wrong with how you decide to spend your time in this majestic city. Make sure you take in the history, views, and of course food to have the best trip possible.

Museo Storico exhibit

Becca Malkin


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