Rome is a city full of history, therefore there are many attractions that tourists can go to.  They walk through the city and there are monuments everywhere; so how do you choose what to visit? If tourists decide to grant a quick visit to Rome, it is frankly impossible to visit everything. You have to select, and that’s what blogs are made for.

We can start off with Mercati Traianei, an amazing museum located in the heart of Rome. In this museum you will find different statues and different architectures to look at. Although, the best thing, in my opinion, in the museum is the view from the second floor. Since the location is on Fori Imperiali, you can admire Piazza Venezia from uphill. I’ll give you some suggestions for the main attractions that you must see inside.

The remains of the statues

When you get into the museum, you will find a map with all the insights of the museum, so you can get an idea of you will see. The indoor part is going to be full of remains and ruins and they will be divided inside the different rooms. It is very fascinating. The building itself is already a monument, most of the buildings in Rome are ancient ones.

The Tower

Once you are done visiting the indoors of the museum you can step outside and on the left you will find the Tower of the Militia. It is a pending tower that goes back to Medieval times, it belongs to the 13th century (most likely). It is located next to the Mercati Traianei and close to the hill Quirinale. The history behind is that when Nerone set Rome on fire, he watched it burn from up there. The tower survived the fire as well. Roman Medieval Tower

Last but not least: The breathtaking view

The best time to go to this museum is when the sun’s out, because from the terrace that you find on the upper level you will see the Vittoriano and the ruins of Fori Imperiali, that at night are illuminated, it is something definitely worth seeing. Certainly, even during the day the view is spectacular, but at night it is exceptional.

View from the museum



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