The Best Ways to See Switzerland

Public Transportation – Sustainable ways to get around Switzerland

Want to know the best ways to travel around Switzerland? No other European nation comes close to Switzerland when comparing sustainable public transportation options. Unrivaled when it comes to exploring the country’s best-highlighted features and hidden gems, public transportation is one of the biggest additive experiences tourists commonly look over.

Switzerland sustainable transportation (train)
Photo by Via Swiss Tourist Board

Time to get on board!

Public transport is the most relaxed way to get around Switzerland. Book your ticket, sit down, and then enjoy the ride. With various levels offering different luxuries and destinations, visitors are guaranteed to enjoy this beautiful country’s view! When they look out the window to see the grandeur of Switzerland’s infamous Alps or stunning countryside, towns, and cities, visitors will also get to appreciate the small part they play in preserving that natural beauty when they choose to travel sustainably! Switzerland hosts the most eco-friendly travel phenomenon, the tightly-knit rail network that runs throughout the country, making it the easiest and most sustainable way to see whatever is on your bucket list!

The train, for example, is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport when traveling in Switzerland. Emitting less CO₂ than any other motorized transport option, the train is just another extension of the climate-relevant pioneering spirit for everyone to enjoy in hopes of preserving the beautiful world we all get to enjoy! Here are a few examples of ways to get the most out of your time and how to travel seemingly sustainably in Switzerland!

SBB: Switzerland’s Biggest Provider of Sustainable Mobility

SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) is the country’s biggest transport company. Generating the electricity for over 90% of its trains through hydropower, SBB gets to boast that the company’s production is already 100% CO₂ neutral and that by 2025, all electricity is planned to come from renewable sources.

Switzerland sustainable transportation (train)
Photo by Swiss tourist board

Rhaetian Railway: On Track with Hydropower

Rhaetian Railway, also known as the operator of the world-famous Bernina Express, has created an amazing way for anyone in Switzerland to enjoy traveling quickly by using sustainable hydropower. The energy requirement on the Bernina Express is being optimized continuously: whether with CO₂ minimized external air controls, renewable energy for heating, and modern recycling concepts. This public transport option also comes with a unique large window design to create an immersive traveling experience with nature and the outdoors through viewing.

“Funi”: A Marvel of the Art of Engineering

The “Funi” (short for “funicular”) is Switzerland’s last existing water-powered funicular railway, which is the first sustainably powered style of limiting CO₂. This marvel of the art of engineering is located only a few minutes away from the Freiburg railway station, which has been in operation since 1899. The nostalgic railway has been operating for 123 years completely without electricity or exhaust fumes. It overhangs Old Town and the river Sarine and is listed as a cultural asset of national importance due to its age, sustainability, and experience.

Go See Switzerland!

There are numerous ways to travel around Switzerland year-round. Make sure when planning your trip to Switzerland that you look at all your options and find the most sustainable one! Check out the Tourist Board of Switzerland article about sustainable travel and read about all of the options in the beautiful country that is pioneering a new age of sustainable travel. Plan your next visit and pick which way you will see Switzerland here!

Currated by: Catherine Gunnigle


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