Bordeaux, France: Your Destination for Wine Lovers and History Enthusiasts

Bordeaux, an amazing city renowned for its exceptional wine and history. This French city destination is characterized by its remarkable 18th-century architecture, and it is the ideal starting point for full- or half-day excursions into the vineyards or to the sea, along the Arcachon Bay. Heres how to plan out a trip to this memorable city!

2 day Itinerary:

For those who want to discover Bordeaux’s historical centre, a two-day itinerary is available. On the first day, visitors can explore the different districts on foot, bike, or imperial bus. They can also enjoy lunch on the terrace of one of the city’s squares or brunch in a café. In the afternoon, visitors can visit the Bassins de Lumieres, the world’s largest digital art center, located in the city’s Underwater Base. They can also discover the Cité du Vin and its Belvedere with a panoramic view of the city while enjoying a glass of wine. The day ends with a shopping spree in the city’s fashion, design, antique shops, art galleries, and local specialty stores.

City Square in Bordeaux
City Square in Bordeaux

On the second day, visitors can visit one of the city’s museums to discover Bordeaux through the arts and the history of humanity. In the afternoon, visitors can take a guided cruise on Aquitania or Burdigala and discover Bordeaux by the water.

Wine tasting

For lovers looking to find half-day excursion the best place to go to is Saint-Emilion and its vineyards, nicknamed the hill of 1,000 vintages. Visitors can explore the medieval village and its vineyards listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They can also visit the underground and monolithic church, climb the Tour du Roy, visit and taste Crément de Bordeaux at the cloister of Les Cordeliers, and visit the wine estates. Unique romantic experiences include an introductory tasting course at the Maison du Vin, a wine-blending workshop at Château Cormeil-Figeac, and a blind tasting at Château La Dominique.

Wine Vineyard in Bordeaux
Wine Vineyard in Bordeaux

The second half-day excursion is to the Médoc Châteaux, where visitors can discover the most prestigious Grand Cru Classified Bordeaux red wines, their castles, and their cellars with unusual architecture. They can also visit the Route des Châteaux (D2), Bages hamlet, Château d’Agassac, Pauillac, the Nadalié cooperage, and more. Unique experiences include the “oenological sign” workshop at La Winery, a harvesting experience and grape picker’s lunch at Château Gruaud Larose, and a discovery day of the “Best of Wine Tourism.”

Arcachon Bay

The third excursion, which can be a full or half-day trip, is to Arcachon Bay. Visitors can enjoy seafood products, bike or boat rides, and breathtaking landscapes. They can also take a guided tour of Arcachon and its Ville d’Hiver quarter, visit the Cap Ferret lighthouse, stroll in the oyster farming villages and taste oysters, tour the bay by boat or pinasse, climb the Dune of Pilat (110 metres high), visit the Arcachon Auction, and discover the oyster beds (on foot or by boat) with an oyster farmer.

Oysters in Arcachon Bay
Oysters in Arcachon Bay

 Bordeaux is an incredible destination that has something for everyone. From its world-renowned wines and remarkable architecture to its vibrant culture and natural beauty, there is no shortage of activities and experiences to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s historical center, taking an excursion to the vineyards or the sea, or discovering the unique offerings of nearby towns like Saint- Emilion and Cognac, Bordeaux is the perfect starting point. So why not book your trip today and discover all that this multifaceted city has to offer?

Harper Dillard


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