Lefteris Lazarou is the Santorini Michelin Star man, a chef based in Santorini. He was born in Athens Greece, and is the first Greek chef to ever earn a Michelin Star.

About Lefteris Lazarou

Chef Lefteris’ father was a ship cook. So, he grew up wanting to become a chef. He travelled for much of his life working as a cook on different boats and other places. This gave him the experience to learn about all different kinds of cuisines. Chef Lefteris originally opened his own restaurant in Athens called Varoulko, but now has a location in Santorini where it is located right on the water with a beautiful view. It is a perfect place to visit for a romantic or luxury dinner. Chef Lefteris has won many different awards for this restaurant and his food.

His Restaurant: Varoulko

Lefteris Lazarou is passionate about gastronomy, which is the specialty food of a particular area and the connection between food and culture. He cooks lots of seafood which makes sense for an area like Greece. The menu is packed with foods with lots of flavor. It is organized into soups, salads, starters, main dishes, a vegetarian menu, and desserts. Some examples of menu items include:

  • Fish soup, fresh tomato, grouper, stonefish broth
  • Greek salad , cherry tomatoes, caper berries, rock samphire, red Florina pepper, feta mousse
  • Octapus carpaccio, smoked fava beans, caper chutney, peppers, olives, black garlic
  • Linguini grouper, minced shrimp, cherry tomatoes
  • Black quinoa salad, mango, truffle mayonnaise

Follow Chef Lefteris on Instagram @lefterislazarouofficial

Lefteris Lazarou: The Santorini Michelin Star Man

Chef Lefteris also has his own Instagram page and it is absolutely wonderful! He posts beautifully made videos of his food, and it is pretty popular! He has 66.8K followers, so people must really love his work. I know I do! If you want to learn more about Greek cuisine, and the types of foods Chef Lefteris makes I recommend taking a look at his social media! 

It is also a good source to look at if you ever plan on visiting Santorini. It can give you insight into the kind of food Greece has to offer.




By: Summer Megnia


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