Traveling to Switzerland Affordably

As a student, traveling can be really intimidating and expensive. That’s why I chose to study abroad in Italy. Being in Europe traveling to countries is fairly cheaper than traveling throughout the United States, making is more affordable totraveling while studying to get your college degree.

I am here to explain how to travel to Switzerland filled with fun excursions and more affordably. To begin, it is important to always check the prices for flights and trains to get to Interlaken, Switzerland.These vary weekly, where one week it may be on the expensive side while you check another time and the price has drastically dropped. When finding a place tostay, I suggest looking for Airbnb’s or staying at a hostel, these can typically range from pricing depending on the amount of days and the part of the city you chose to stay in.


While traveling it is important to emerge yourself into the culture and learn the costumes and try their cuisine. In Switzerland some of there specialties are fondue cheese, chocolate, potatoes, soups, and Swiss Rösti. In Interlaken, Switzerland there are great places to eat including…

  • West-End
  • Taverne
  • Sapori
  • Top O’Met
  • Coop Restaurant
  • Cafe De Paris
  • Spatz Cafe

These are all great restaurants with authentic Swiss food that is amazing and affordable. Some of these locations areoverlooking the mountains while some of them are beside the river that flows through the city of Interlaken, Switzerland.


Switzerland is known for their variety of excursions and things to do while you are traveling there. Located in the Alps, Switzerland has one of the best snowboarding/skiing  locations in the world, many people from all over the world travelto Switzerland for this reason alone. I suggest if you’re staying in Interlaken to take a 25 minute train ride to Grindelwald(only a $10 train ticket) to experience the one in a lifetime skiing/snowboarding experience.

Chocolate in Switzerland is the finest in the world. While you are there, stop by Funky Chocolate Club Switzerland and attend one of their chocolate making lessons. This is an hour lesson where you and your friends can talk and taste thedifferent types of chocolate all while making your own chocolate bar to bring home. They give you a cute red hat and apron and if you chose you can get a beverage of your choice to drink while you whisk away at your coco.

Lastly, I recommend going paragliding while you are staying in Interlaken. This is one of the more expensive excursions costing $170 per person but it is totally worth it. You and your instructor take a train up to one of the nearby mountains and get to experience Interlaken from a birds eye view seeing everything Switzerland has to offer. This is a two hour even and is definitely worth it for the experience you get to do and the views you see.

Written by: Christopher Norton


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