Picking Your Travel Destination

How do you choose your travel experience? Sometimes, we might have time or money to travel but we have a hard time chosing where to grow, and this is why I want to take this time to politely gloat about my travel exepriences and freedom from indecision.

I never stayed in one place for too long. There’s few people who can relate to this, but I moved house every two or three years growing up, and as a result, establishing roots was always quite difficult for me. This constant change came to a head when I turned 17 and my mom found a job in Switzerland. I moved to Switzerland and it completely changed my life and even resulted in me chosing a university in Europe.

My Swiss Experience

At 17 I really loved nature, and I didn’t expect to be blown away by Europe. Switzerland was an excellent segway into a more international life. My home is in New York and Florida, which is a complete contrast from Switzerland. Miami is known for the party life, beaches and clubs, and Switzerland is known for its natural beauty and skii resorts. One very enjoyable part of Switzerland, however, is the variety of activities in the relatively unassuming locale.

In the swiss Jura, there’s the Montreux Jazz Fest, a two week long summer festival where the audience can remain in close proximity to live music by world famous musicians. Montreux is also famous for their Freddy Mercury statue. During the winter, many europeans and internationals come to skii, and with the variety of natural slopes, plenty of the geography has been taken advantage of for the sport. If neither of those appeal to you, there’s also many culture experiences to enjoy in Geneva, Lausanne, and Nyon. As well as beautiful train routes.

A Brief Retrospective

This move to Switzerland has forever changed my life. It’s inspired me to visity other parts of Europe and the country I study in, Italy. I study in the Eternal city of Rome, but this inspiration to travel has guided me to Aosta, Turino, Milano, Florence, Napoli, Ischia, Capri, Sicily, and Calabria. I adore Italy and each part of it has something new to offer. The same can be said for Switzerland. With mountains, lakes, running streams, fields of flowers and waterfalls, Switzerland is a never-ending-marry-poppins-bag-of-goodies.

To conclude, I find Switzerland an exciting and beautiful place with new things to discover. In my time there over the years I have expanded my appreciate for travel and nature and also exploration.

  • Signed, Elijah Lucio


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