a circular wine bar in bordeaux
A cool spot for wine in Bordeaux

Acclaimed for its vineyards, Bordeaux also boasts beautiful classical and contemporary architecture, superb cuisine, and an increasingly lively artistic and cultural scene. Justly proud of the numerous attributes that have earned it the title “Best City of 2017”, Bordeaux stands as a dynamic symbol of the French “art de vivre” (art of living).


Since 2007, Bordeaux has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 1,810 hectares, or nearly half of the city’s total area, are covered, making Bordeaux the first urban environment of such magnitude. Bordeaux has 350 buildings that are classified as Historic Monuments. It is also ten years since Vauban’s fortifications, known as the “Bolt of the Estuary” (consisting of the Blaye Citadel, Fort Pâté, and Fort Médoc) and the vineyards of Saint Emilion were granted World Heritage status. La Cité Frugès housing development in Pessac, designed by Le Corbusier, was added to the list in the summer of 2016.


An inexhaustible source of inspiration, Bordeaux is popular with artists and hosts numerous arts-related projects. These include Les Bassins de Lumières, an innovative concept in a unique and unusual site, the Bordeaux submarine base transformed into a digital art centre. This new site presents one of the largest multimedia exhibitions in the world devoted to the history of art and contemporary creation. Bordeaux currently boasts one of the liveliest music scenes in France, with urban, offbeat locations springing up in the city’s various neighborhoods; street art adorns many of Bordeaux’s walls and generates an increasing number of events and initiatives.


A nighttime view of the bridge in Bordeaux

There are a plethora of unique activities available for visitors to the Bordeaux area. The Bordeaux River Cruise offers a pass that includes access to La Cité du Vin’s permanent exhibition and a wine tasting cruise on the Garonne.
Playing real-life escape games in century-old wine cellars or in local vineyards is one of the latest crazes in the region. Visitors are able to explore in a new, fun way, while playing the role of a sleuth or solving enigmas. A treasure hunt might well result in the finder keeping a bottle of rather delicious wine, and in all cases, result in making new friends and discovering the local fare.

Visitors can also choose to sleep in a wine cask, an enormous barrel that can hold 7,000 litres at Saint-Jean-de-Blaignac (40 kms from Bordeaux), or paraglide over the Arcachon Bay, enjoying breathtaking views of the Dune of Pilat and the Cap Ferret peninsula.
Many other activities are offered near Bordeaux around Libourne and its vineyards or Medoc Atlantique and its sandy beaches.


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