Bernina Express Railway
Bernina Express Railway

It was June 3, 1973, when the first BERNINA EXPRESS began its adventure that would prove to be one of the greatest successes of the vast Swiss Alpine railway offer.

50 years worn very well, in constant growth, renewal and evolution.

Born with the aim of connecting the capital of the Canton of Grisons, Coira, with the Valtellinese Tirano (and vice versa) with a direct journey, for purely tourist purposes, it soon achieved its first objective: to be an attractive and highly requested product.

Requests that have increased year after year and are still in continuous development. Gradual introduction of panoramic carriages with large windows, and many additional services on board, have made the BERNINA EXPRESS the flagship of the Rhaetian Railway, and one of the highest class and most prestigious Alpine tourist trains in the world.

During spring-summer 2023, some events (institutional, professional and open to the public) will be planned to worthily celebrate this important jubilee. The final program has not yet been presented.


Glacier Express in Albula
Glacier Express in Albula

The Albula railway line, still little known in Italy, is the second section of the Rhaetian Railway awarded the prestigious title of Unesco World Heritage Site. The natural continuation of the famous Bernina line (Tirano-St.Moritz), which from St. Moritz leads to Chur (or vice versa), the capital of the Canton of Grisons and the oldest city in Switzerland.

Two pearls of the Swiss (and world) railway tourist offer, so similar and so different. A trip on the Albula train is a discovery, it is a new adventure and it is, for those who have already tried the Bernina experience, the completeness of this strong and unique emotion.

Also, Albula which is and will be the main objective of the Rhaetian Railway as regards the Italian market, at least for the next two or three years. It is crossed by hourly trains, in both directions and has a large availability of seats, even for groups.


The first results, after a few weeks of promotion, are very encouraging. If the good morning starts in the morning … we can realistically estimate that it will really be a good morning, it will be a new great success for the Rhaetian Railway towards the Italian market, which is constantly growing and which could become, in a short time, the numerically most important one in world-class for our company.


Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland
Rhaetian Railway

Environmental awareness has long been part of our daily lives and has fundamentally changed our economy, our society and even the way we travel. Sustainability is the future, and by preserving a UNESCO World Heritage Site by using renewable energy in a sustainable way, the Rhaetian Railway is actively contributing to a better future in which we can and will be able to travel more consciously.

100% hydroelectric energy, 100% sustainable

The Rhaetian Railway is actively committed to environmentally friendly travel. Since 2013, to move its trains, it has used 100% hydroelectric energy produced in the Canton of Graub├╝nden. The electricity used and required for all RhB buildings is also generated entirely from hydroelectricity. In this way, the Rhaetian Railway supports not only sustainable energy generation but also that of the entire region.

By Ryann Miller


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