Three Days with your Family in Rome

This article was written by a twenty-one year old American student studying in Rome for a semester.  Over the four months Miles lived in Rome, received the visits of his friends and  family and with them he explored both the famous monuments and lesser-known streets of the Eternal City.

How families can experience Rome’s main attractions

Throughout the article, Miles details how families can experience Rome’s main attractions and its more local, hard-to-reach areas.  Not only will parents be immersed in ancient history, but children will be awed by the magnificent structures surrounding them.

How to navigate such a large and imposing space with your family?

Jaw-dropping monuments at every turn, magnificent cathedrals waiting upon cobblestone streets and a history rich enough to make even your children pay attention, Rome is a city with so much to offer.  But how to navigate such a large and imposing space with your family?  Your solution: the RomaPass

Below, all your questions about travelling the Eternal City with your loved ones will be answered in detail.

First day in Rome with a family

For your first day in Rome you can have a more relaxing experience after your long travel.  Head to the Prati area then cross the Tiber, where you’ll soon find yourself at Piazza del Popolo.  There are many great cafes on the square with even better views of the massive Egyptian obelisk in the center.  Also, if you want the best gelato Rome has to offer, be sure to stop in at nearby Gelateria la Romana.  Digest your meal by taking a short climb up to Villa Borghese where you can explore the gardens, lakes and art museum and cap off your day with a stunning sunset view overlooking Rome.

Second day in Rome with a family

Your family’s second day in Rome will be a busy one, but as rewarding as travel comes.  Hitting Trastevere early is a necessity, as you you’ll want to let your kids run the Spanish Steps before lots of tourists arrive.  Next, head to Trevi Fountain.   There your children will be entertained by flipping coins into the water while you take in the intricate architecture of the fountains.  Afterwards, do some shopping in Trastevere’s fashion district, then sit outside the Pantheon for a soothing lunch.

Then you can take the bus to Testacchio, or walk there if you’d like to explore Rome even more.  In Testacchio you’ll find one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions: The Colosseum.  Take a tour of the inside and marvel at the structure’s history and cultural significance while your kids imagine the epic gladiatorial events that once occurred there.  End your tour at the vast Roman Pantheon, where you can watch another spectacular sunset among the ruins.  For dinner, most restaurants in Testacchio will be supreme Roman food.

Final day in Rome with a family

Your final day in Rome will be spent at the Vatican, in St. Peter’s Square and in the Sistine Chapel.  Take your time strolling among the many columns in the square and taking family pictures outside the massive cathedral.  Then, go inside St. Peter’s Cathedral.  Marvel at the detail of the ceilings and tabernacle, then go into the Sistine Chapel to have another dose of religious wonder.  Finally, take a relaxing stroll with your tired children around the walls of the Vatican to cap off a perfect trip in Rome.

Miles Matyiko


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