Study Abroad Weekend in Barcelona

Of all the places I have traveled to, Barcelona has been my favorite destination, with lots of budget friendly options for students. From the unique architecture to the wonderful food, to crazy nightlight, there is plenty to do to keep you busy for a study abroad weekend in Barcelona.

Main Attractions

Segrada Familia:

One of the main attractions to Barcelona is the Segrada Familia. It is an incredible unfinished Catholic Church with tons of history behind it. To enter, it is 24 euro for people under the age of 30. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the price and going inside to see the incredible church up close

The segrada Familia has architecture never seen before it and it was designed by Antoni Gaudi. Inside consists of stain glass windows and unique architecture that will have you speechless.

Segrada Familia
Segrada Familia, photo by Isabella DeMay
Mercado de La Boquerian>:

Mercado de La Boqueria is an iconic market found in the heart of Barcelona, on La Rambla. It is a market that offers a range of foods, from fresh produce to incredible specialty meat. On top of that, there is wine for 4 euro. The price can’t get better than that!

If you love trying new food, or enjoying eating food in general, mercado de La Boqueria is a must do!

However, it is a touristy destination so it can be really busy and crowded. I would recommend holding your belongings close and avoiding it around lunch hours. To learn more about the market, read here:

Mercado de La Boqueria
Mercado de La Boqueria, photo by Isabella DeMay
Jardins de Ghandi:an>

Jardins de Ghandi is another big attraction is Barcelona. It is a park full of buildings and architecture created by Ghandi. It is a picture-istic spot with a view of the entire city of Barcelona. Also, it is a huge study abroad destinations for kids to take in the view and take pictures together.

It is only 10 euro to enter, making it a cheap, study abroad attraction.


Ghandi Park
Ghandi Park, photo by Isabella Demay

Food in Barcelona

Bodega Biarritz:

Spain is known for their “tapas”, which are a bunch of small plates. Bodega Biarritz is located in Barcelona, Spain and they have the best tapas I have ever had in my entire life.

When you first walk in the, the staff is incredibly friendly and seat you right away. From there, the chef creates a set of tapas based on your dietary restrictions and what you like.The chef caters the experience to everyone, which makes this restaurants more than just food. Bodega Biarritz creates an entire experience from the moment you walk in the door.

The chef prides himself in his works and ensures that you are satisfied with everything he chose for your table. He even allows you to send anything back that you are not fond of, and they will replace it with something else.

10/10 experience and I would high recommend for study abroad students. The portions are shareable, which makes it budget friendly!


Overall, Barcelona has a lot of charm and affordability to it, making it a great study abroad weekend trip!

Post by: Isabella DeMay


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