So you’ve decided to visit one of the most incredible cities in Europe this weekend. How exciting! Rome is a bustling city full of rich history, delicious food, and experiences to last a lifetime. The great news? You can explore Rome in a long weekend thanks to the 72 hours Roma Pass. Get ready to learn how to make every minute of your visit to the Eternal City worth it.

My name is Maddie Mullins and I am currently studying abroad in Rome. I’ve learned lots from my time in the city, so I have created an easy-to-navigate itinerary for a weekend in Rome. From the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel, to trying an authentic plate of Roman carbonara, with this guide, your visit to Rome will be full of memories you will never forget!

Day 1:

To begin your weekend, start your morning the way a Roman would: drinking a caffé and eating a cornetto (croissant)! Next, have a tour booked the Colosseum and Roman Forum. It only makes sense to begin at one of the most iconic landmarks in Rome! These tours can last up to three or more hours, so this will be your activity until lunchtime. Next, grab lunch at a nearby restaurant! I would suggest any kind of pizza.

After lunch, head over to Monti, a neighborhood with both bohemian and classical elements, known for its great shopping. After browsing in both funky vintage shops and well-known stores, it’s now time to make your way to the Trevi Fountain. Don’t forget your coins to throw in the fountain! By the Trevi Fountain, feel free to get dinner or an aperitivo at one of many restaurants nearby.

If you don’t want your first day in Rome to end here, make a trip over to Trastevere, a hip and lively neighborhood where there are always people enjoying the nightlife.

Day 2:

For your second day in Rome, we suggest spending the majority of your day at the Vatican and St. Peter’s Square. Prebook your Vatican Museum tickets, as these often fill up! To get the full Vatican experience, we recommend a guided tour. You’ll probably be hungry after exploring the depths of the Vatican and St. Peter’s, so grab lunch at one of the amazing restaurants in Prati. Prati is more of an upscale neighborhood in Rome known for al fresco wine bars, stylish cocktail lounges, and gourmet restaurants.

If you did not get to Trastevere last night, definitely head to that area for dinner tonight! Trastevere is a must-see area of Rome, with its cobblestone streets and amazing restaurants.

Day 3:

On your third and final day in Rome, start at Campo di Fiori, a square known for its nightlife, but it turns into a wonderful market every morning. You can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, along with olive oil or limoncello.  Next, it’s time to visit the Pantheon. Make sure to grab a delicious sandwich for lunch at one of the many sandwich shops nearby. To end your trip to Rome, we highly suggest watching the sunset at the Altar of the Fatherland. You can climb steps to the top to get a breathtaking view of the eternal city.

We hope you have an amazing experience in Rome with this guide. Ciao!

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By Madelyne Mullins


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