Looking to do Rome while having a delicious and breathtaking experience…without breaking the bank (doing Rome cheaply..no way!!)? You’ve found the article for you!

As the capital of Italy and one of the most historic cities in the world, Rome has a lot to offer. With Rome being so popular, it is easy for tourists to fall into traps and spend a pretty penny. Here is a list with some tips:

Getting Around 

Rome has various methods for getting around, public transport can be a cheap and easy way to do so.

For public transportation there are the buses, trains and trams. You can buy various types of tickets, from 100 min, 24/48/72 hours, weekly pass and the Roma City Pass.


Rome has over 350 bus lines, 338 run throughout the day while 22 are night buses. Day buses run from 5:30 am till midnight.

Types of buses:

  • Urban Lines (U)
  • Night Buses (N)
  • Express (X)
  • Exact (E)


There are only two lines but it will get you to most of the city’s top attractions.

Metro Line:

  • Line A (Orange): Runs Northwest to southeast, from Battistini to Anagnina
  • Line B (Blue) Runs from Northeast to south, from Rebibbia to Laurentina


The tram network has six lines but doesn’t get to the city centre and only running from 5:30am until midnight.

Tram Lines:

  • Line 2: Piazza Mancini -Piazzale Flaminio
  • Line 3: Piazza Thorwaldsen – Trastevere
  • Line 5: Giovanni Amendola – Piazza dei Gerani
  • Line 8: Torre Argentina – Trastevere
  • Line 14: Giovanni Amendola – Palmiro Togliatti
  • Line 19: Piazza Risorgimento – Piazza dei Gerani


You MUST validate your ticket when you get on (or sometimes before) any of the public transports in Rome, otherwise you may be fined (50-100 euros).

Tickets can be bought in any metro station, news-stands or convince stores.

Prices (in euros):

  • 100 min ticket = 1.50
  • 24 hours = 7
  • 48 hours = 12.50
  • 72 hours = 18
  • Weekly = 24

Another options is purchasing the Roma Pass, which will grant you access to public transport for 72 or 48 hours (passlength). More info on the Roma Pass will be found under “Attractions” as the pass gives you access to some museums as well.


Italian cuisine can be argued to be one of the best cuisines in the world, so in Rome there are must try places!

Pasta All’amatriciana

The best pasta all’amatriciana can be found at Da Bucatino, priced at 12 euros for a serving of bucatini all’amatriciana. The portion is huge! You feel as if the bowl never finishes! It is said that when shepherds used to bring cheese and pieces of pork with them during long stays away from home they would cook it in an iron pan, creating this wonderful dish. Not only is it delicious, worth the money, and a good portion – but you get a fun bib when you order it!


A good Italian panino is simple with amazing ingredients. You can find one of the best sandwich spots that will fill your tummy, not break the bank (at all), and is simply delicious at Prosciutteria Cantina dei Papi. They have huge fluffy bread and fresh cold cuts sliced right in front of you. Sandwiches range from 4-8 euros, as you can start with the basic and add more ingredients!

Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e pepe is a traditional roman pasta dating back to the Roman Empire. It is once again simple, with only three ingredients: Pecorino Romano, black pepper, and spaghetti. One of the best places to get it is at Cacio e Pepe.


There are many “must sees” in Rome including:

Some attractions are free, or have reduced costs for children/students/elderly while others have a set price. It is also important to note that there are attractions that require a reservation due to Covid.

The Roma Pass can grant you access to some of these locations, plus access to other archeological, modern, contemporary and scientific sites/museums. There are other cool features of the Roma Pass including the “Circo Maximo Experience” and as mentioned before, it gives you access to public transport during 48/72 hours. To find out more about the ticket, prices and which experiences you can access visit: https://www.romapass.it/

Do as the Romans do and have fun! 

A dopo,

Anna Donada


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