Cheap Travel to Israel as Student from Rome

A trip to Israel is the perfect place for students studying abroad to visit. Israel has ancient landmarks and historical significance. It is a cheap plane ride and only takes 2 and a half hours to get there from Rome. I went as a student studying abroad for 4 days and started in Jerusalem and ended in Tel-Aviv. Jerusalem has a deep religious history that was so interesting to experience and Tel-Aviv was the perfect place to relax due to its beautiful beaches.

Dead Sea in Israel
Dead Sea in Israel

What are the Travel costs?

To travel into Israel you must fly into Tel-Aviv, a very lively city with gorgeous beaches, fun nightlife, and yummy markets. Its the perfect place for students to visit while studying abroad. Plane tickets range from $70-150 from Rome or other European locations. You are able to travel easily at a low price around both Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. The app Moovit provides the cheapest ways to use public transportation around the city and bus tickets from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv are equal to $3.

Falafel in Israel
Falafel in Israel

What are the foods to eat?

Israeli foods are known for having an abundance of flavor and spices. Their most known dishes are hummus which is ground chickpeas made into a paste with many spices and dipped with pita bread. They also have falafel which is also made from ground chickpeas and fried into a tasty ball. Don’t worry! They have many other foods besides chickpeas. They also prepare dishes like shawarma made with chicken, beef and lamb. You can find these foods everywhere along streets, but they are best in Shuks which are local outdoor markets.

Where should you stay?

Hostels are the perfect place for study abroad students to stay for a cheap price when traveling. While there are hotels and Air Bnbs to stay in, hostels are the cheapest option. They are a communal place to stay where you share a common area and bathroom with other travelers. I was still able to have my own space at my hostel because I was given a designated area and place to lock up my valuables. Staying in hostels is also a great way to find other young travelers.

Old City in Israel
Old City in Israel

What are some activities to do?

There are many things to do in both Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. Since Jerusalem has such rich history the top place I visited was the Old city which is divided into four quarters one being the Jewish quarter and the others being the Christian, Muslim, and Armenian quarters. While in Jerusalem there are cheap buses that can transport you to the Dead sea. The Dead sea is free to enter and was very fun to visit because you can float on the water due to the large amount of salt in it. In Tel-Aviv there are many markets and free beaches to visit. There are also clubs that were a lot of fun to experience as a student studying abroad.

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