Bernina Express train in Switzerland
BERNINA EXPRESS It was June 3, 1973, when the first BERNINA EXPRESS began its adventure that would prove to be one of the greatest successes of the vast Swiss Alpine railway offer. 50 years worn very well, in constant growth, renewal and evolution. Born with the aim of connecting the capital of the Canton of Grisons, Coira, with the Valtellinese Tirano (and...
Map of Rome sustainable destination
A Sustainable Itinerary in Roma How to Sustainably Visit the Top 5 Underrated Places in Roma: Here listed below are the top 5 underrated places in Rome and a sustainableitinerary to go to them! Don’t leave Italy before you explore these hidden gems. Aside from the iconic landmarks of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, etc. These 5 locations have a rich...
Meet Sustainable in Switzerland
A new approach to travel Sustainable travel doesn’t necessarily mean having to live without it completely. Sustainable travel means greater awareness and depth and more enjoyment. With this in mind, Switzerland follows its own sustainability strategy: Swisstainable. Swisstainable is all about having one’s finger on the pulse – and maximum relaxation in a natural setting: 1. Enjoy nature up close and at...
Streets of Trastevere
This guide will highlight Rome’s hidden gems for students visiting Rome on a budget with limited time. The purpose of this guide is to show attractions using the Roma Pass that are more easily missed because they are less talked about compared to some of Rome's more famous landmarks.  I am a student here so I can recommend things...
The 10 Best Things to do in Rome is a guide meant to serve the American community and individual tourists planning to travel to Rome, either to study abroad or for pleasure. Please find below the ten best places to visit and activities to experience in Rome: make your stay in the city a success!  #1) The Roman Forum Have you...
Best Things to do in Rome Family Guide _ St Peters Square
Rome Family Travel Guide – Five Must-See Sights for All Ages Looking for some tips on traveling to Rome with your family? Look no further - here are five sights in Rome that are sure to have something for everyone! This article is written by Ethan Purcell, an American student who studied abroad in Rome for four months. During his studies,...
Nature Hiking, River, Cycling, and River Cruising
Nature Hiking, Cycling & River Cruising in Nouvelle-Aquitaine Explore nature hiking, cycling, and river cruising by foot or boat on the Ways of St James on the waterways. There are so many different ways to tour. Six Nature Pilgrimage Routes  Tours route, a picturesque route through vineyards Coastal route Vezelay route, already famous in the Middle Ages Le Puy route including...
Street Performers on the Bustling Streets of Trastevere
Why Should You Experience Rome like the Italians That Live There? To make the most out of your trip to the Eternal City, you must embrace the worthwhile culture that is Italy by experiencing the city of Rome like a local. The best way to do this is to truly embrace the rich and historical culture that you are surrounded by....
Three Days with your Family in Rome
Three Days with your Family in Rome This article was written by a twenty-one year old American student studying in Rome for a semester.  Over the four months Miles lived in Rome, received the visits of his friends and  family and with them he explored both the famous monuments and lesser-known streets of the Eternal City. How families can experience Rome’s...
City of Dordogne from the river
Ian Gundersen Dordogne and Périgord are favourite destinations with food-lovers and it’s a fascinating area with plenty to see and do at any time of year. BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN THE REGION OF A THOUSAND AND ONE CASTLES Beautiful buildings such as castles, manor houses and Romanesque churches are dotted around the countryside, providing a magnet for anyone interested in culture and heritage....


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