eating sustainable in Rome
While in Rome there are many delicious restaurants to choose from. But to find the most sustainable restaurants in Rome research is needed. The five restaurants that will be talked about in this article are Ginger, Ciao Checca, Vivi LeSerre, 100% BIO, and Re-Bio Ginger The first restaurant to check out in Rome for sustainable eats is Ginger. It is located near...
The Reusable Water Bottle in Rome
The Reusable Water Bottle: Rome’s Most Sustainable Unsung Hero With Rome’s continued effort to reduce the use of single-use plastics (SUP), citizens and tourists alike are encouraged to opt for reusable water bottles as a means of hydration. This allows everyone to advantage of Nasoni water, filtered water fountains sprinkled across the city. Table of Contents: Reducing Single Use Plastics The...
Bernina Express train in Switzerland
BERNINA EXPRESS It was June 3, 1973, when the first BERNINA EXPRESS began its adventure that would prove to be one of the greatest successes of the vast Swiss Alpine railway offer. 50 years worn very well, in constant growth, renewal and evolution. Born with the aim of connecting the capital of the Canton of Grisons, Coira, with the Valtellinese Tirano (and...
Azay-le-Rideau: Château de l’Islette tra gite in barca e Jazz
E' il turismo green & blu il filo conduttore dell’offerta turistica presentata al Mediatour Atout France 2022. La natura, il verde e l’acqua di mari, di fiumi e canali, di laghi, sono beni preziosi, più mai oggi in un momento in cui tutti siamo difronte ai problemi dell’ambiente e dei cambiamenti climatici. Senza mai dimenticare la cultura e l’arte...
6 Tips for Studying Abroad in Rome Are you excited to move to Italy to study abroad, want to get the most out of your experience, but don’t know where to start? Look no further, here are 6 tips for studying abroad in Rome, including the benefits of the Roma Pass, to ensure that you take advantage of all of the...
Bordeaux- An Amazing City for Wine and History
Bordeaux, France: Your Destination for Wine Lovers and History Enthusiasts Bordeaux, an amazing city renowned for its exceptional wine and history. This French city destination is characterized by its remarkable 18th-century architecture, and it is the ideal starting point for full- or half-day excursions into the vineyards or to the sea, along the Arcachon Bay. Here's how to plan out...
The 10 Best Things to do in Rome is a guide meant to serve the American community and individual tourists planning to travel to Rome, either to study abroad or for pleasure. Please find below the ten best places to visit and activities to experience in Rome: make your stay in the city a success!  #1) The Roman Forum Have you...


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